Clothing, accessories and homewear for a fiver with

Years ago I discovered an amazing website called Everything5pounds and, you’ve guessed it, everything is actually just £5!  As time has moved on, the website has grown vastly, as has its following.  It’s now home to thousands of products – from shoes, to bags, to evening dresses or comfy knits – they have something for everyone!

Every time I’m preparing for an evening out or an event such as wedding, this website is always my first stop.  Let’s face it, no-one wants to be photographed in the same outfit at every special occasion, so for a tenner you can get a new dress and a pair of heels to match – without feeling awful if you never wear them again!

This website is so great because they sell off surplus stock that may have actually come from your favourite high street retailers.  So, in this case, a low price does not mean poor quality.  A huge amount of the products have lots of reviews too, which is really useful for judging whether an item is made from good quality fabric or true to size.

Here are some of my favourite women’s items, currently on


(I actually bought this jumper! 😂)


They’ve also expanded their range to include menswear, children’s clothes and household items. Now you can get kids wellies, cushions, towels and even dinnerware at rock bottom prices! They offer free delivery too from time-to-time, which makes the website even more appealing, so be sure to sign up their email to get alerts for free delivery offers.

These homeware and kid’s bits are cute too…

So if your wardrobe or home could do with a refresh, but the purse strings won’t allow it, Everything5pounds is a great place to start!


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