Even superheroes get anxiety

Thursday 25th June 2020

Dear Frugal Mums,

I feel a bit silly writing this, because I’m a grown-up and a parent – and we’re supposed to be fearless superheroes, right?

My son snapped his glasses and we had to visit the optician to get the replacement pair. So yesterday, him and I headed into town for the first time since all of this started, and I was ridiculously anxious…

Firstly, because I hadn’t driven the car for goodness knows how long and I wondered if I would remember how!

Secondly, because the world is different at the moment, and we have largely sheltered the kids from this; I wondered how Finn would react.

Thirdly, because I had a huge amount of irrational social anxiety having been away from people for so long.

I’m posting this because if I felt like this, I’m probably not the only one. And I want to reassure you that it was all absolutely fine…

I remembered how to drive (much to Finn’s relief 😉).

We followed the one-way walking rules, sanitised our hands and did everything else we needed to do without any bother.

The dispensing optician was lovely, and Finn didn’t seem phased by her apron, mask and gloves; nor by the people on the street walking around in masks.

It wasn’t the big deal my brain had over-thought it to be.

So, just in case you’re worried about starting to emerge from your bubble over the next few weeks, don’t let anxiety stop you.

Take baby steps, take time to adjust and go for it.
You’re not the only one. 🙂

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