Easy and cheap Easter craft ideas!

For us, Easter is just another excuse to get crafting and have some fun. If you’re craft crazy too (or the kids are driving you nuts stuck indoors!) here are some cheap and cheerful ideas to get you started…


Cut old fabric into triangles, or chop pieces of coloured card for the kids to decorate – you could even make them egg shaped! Attach to string or ribbon and wallah you have some beautiful bunting to decorate the house.


Junk modelling

Get the kids to raid the recycling box and see what they can create. Have an Easter or spring time theme and let them loose with boxes. If they need a little inspiration, cut a cereal box in half and have a spring garden making competition.


Paper chains

Paper chains are so easy and my two love them. Simply cut strips of coloured card or paper, and use tape to secure them. Download my printable, Easter paper chain strips – print onto coloured paper, get the kids to colour them in and they’ll be occupied for ages!



We make cards continuously in our house – whenever the kids say they’re bored, out comes the craft box and I invent a reason that someone needs a card! 😂 Easter is the perfect excuse to go crazy with the glitter and felt tips!

So, make some colourful Easter cards – it’ll keep the kids busy and be a lovely surprise for your family when the postman delivers! If you need to stock up, Amazon have some great deals on coloured card!


Blown eggs

Blown eggs are the perfect Easter decoration and they look so adorable. They can be hung up, popped onto sticks in plant pots or made into a table display. Just don’t forget to blow out the middles! 😂 Check out my instructions on how to blow eggs.



An Easter bonnet competition is great fun, so grab the craft box and get decorating! A range of Easter bonnets are available on Amazon for less than £3 including delivery. Stow the bonnets away after Easter for future years too, to save money and reduce waste.


Plant sticks

Plant sticks are a lovely way to decorate a bunch of spring flowers or plant pots around the house. Simply draw or print Easter shapes onto card, get the kids to paint or decorate them and attach to a wooden skewer.


Nature pictures – spring time

Getting the kids outside is always at the top of my to-do-list. So when the weather is good and the flowers are in bloom, why not collect bits to create a spring time nature picture? It’s a great excuse to put on some wellies and go for a ramble.

If all of that craft has made you hungry, take a look at my Easter baking ideas!


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