Disney on Ice – Lola’s early birthday!

Friday 3rd January 2020

Dear Frugal Mums,

Wow that feels weird writing 2020!! I cannot believe we are into a new year already, and another Christmas has been and gone! This one has been a blast, and was finished off by a trip to Disney on Ice this week. It was the kids’ first time seeing a show like this and going into the arena at the O2. Lola has wanted to see this show for ages, so we decided this year to get tickets instead of spending out on a birthday party.

Her birthday isn’t until next month so it was an early treat, and she loved every minute! Finn was less keen until it started and then he adored it too! It’s not a cheap day out but as we will be celebrating her birthday at home, it was a better use of money I think than a party. She has had some lovely parties over the years, but I do think having family adventures and memories is priceless.

It was a good show, although I was hoping to see Moana! 🙄 😆 The Frozen bit was brilliant and makes me want to go and see Frozen the Musical, but goodness knows how much those tickets will go for!! We are out of money now, so weekends in January will be play parks and woodland walks! I think we all need a rest too – what a manic few weeks!

Nat x

P.S. Just to add to the excitement, Lola lost her first tooth today! 😀

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