Get debobbling – to give your favourite winter knits a new lease of life

One of the best things I have bought this year is a debobbler – or fabric shaver, which I think is the proper name! 😉 It’s the easiest way to refresh your clothes so that you can give older items a new lease of life. It’s especially useful for winter jumpers – you know the type, the ones which get covered in bobbly bits! But, having said that, it is great on all items of clothing, and useful for bobbly bedding and towels too.

I got mine from Amazon for a tenner and it was worth every penny; I’m addicted! The week it arrived I did bedding and anything bobbly from all of our wardrobes! It takes a while to do it, but whack the TV on and sit and do a bit each night and you’ll soon have all of your winter favourites looking brand new again.

I had several items of clothing which I thought were destined for the bin but it really did transform them. Not only is this great for your wallet (reducing the need for new purchases) but it’s also good for the planet. We all know now that the fashion industry plays a big role in our planet’s eco crisis, so let’s keep our clothes for longer and stop them going to landfill.

If you still fancy a change, debobble and send anything you won’t wear again to the charity shop so that your clothes can do a turn in someone else’s wardrobe. Give it a go, it’s so satisfying making your things look brand new again!! 🙂

This is the one I chose, but there are lots of different ones available and at a range of different price brackets – click here to take a look.

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