It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Dear Frugal Friends,

Every year we spend a lot time enjoying the build up to Christmas and this year we started even earlier! It’s been a great distraction from a cold few weeks at home, and I’m grateful that it’s given us something positive to focus on.

We’ve been stamping brown paper with Christmas stamps to make our own eco-friendly wrapping paper to make sure it can be easily recycled. Make sure you check out my post on how to have a more eco-friendly Christmas.

We didn’t quite make it to December before the tree went up! 😂 It seems to go up earlier and earlier each year! Lola is always so desperate to get it up and secretly I love it so I usually give in. (Mid November this year, but 2020 has been anything but normal so I think it’s allowed. 😉) Our £12.50 Christmas tree from the Sainsbury’s boxing day sale is still going strong!

We’ve got so many handmade decorations on our tree from year after year of the children making their own, and it makes it so special looking back at things they made when they were little. They give them as gifts to their grandparents each year, so we’ve been busy painting this year’s decorations too.

Finn and Lola have both written their letters to Santa and they’re adorable. Finn decided his Christmas wish would be for all the homeless people to get a home and job. And, Lola wanted her great nan to feel better. Finn wrote on his letter that next year he would like to see his friends… heartbreaking. 💔 Hopefully next year will be more positive.

Want to hear something hilarious? This will cheer you up. We took the kids out to see the Christmas lights, driving around in their pjs as we do every year, with the dog too! And, no joke, we got blue-lighted and pulled over by the police! 😂 They wanted to check we weren’t burglars canvassing the local area! (Happy photo below taken before the kids were petrified we were going to be arrested for looking at Christmas lights.) 😆 Well, they’ll certainly never forget it!

Lola’s been busy making a gorgeous centrepiece for our table for Christmas Day using foraged pine cones and painting a little cardboard house from HobbyCraft. Everything else we had already so it was cheap and cheerful too!

Hope you’re keeping busy and having fun getting ready for Christmas. We’ve been baking and crafting and watching lots of Christmas movies. I’ve signed up to the Hallmark movie channel on Amazon Prime too – I love the cheesie romance movies so much!

Take care and stay safe,

Nat x


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