How to decorate for Christmas on a budget

Decorating the house for Christmas doesn’t have to cost a fortune. There are lots of ways to create a special, festive atmosphere without blowing the budget, here’s how…


Personalise the tree by painting your own baubles and tree decorations; it’s such great fun and the perfect way to keep the kiddies busy on a wintery day. My two have made decorations every year since they were old enough to hold a paintbrush, and I love all of the different homemade decorations we have on our tree.

They also make them as gifts for the grandparents, and they’re always well received. Hobbycraft and The Range sell all sorts of wonderful paint-your-own decorations starting from a quid!


Buy preloved

Second hand shopping has never been so easy.  Gone are the days of trawling through charity shops (although I do enjoy a good charity shop wander too!) because everything can be so quickly located online – Preloved, Shpock, Ebay, Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace are a few great places to start.

It’s amazing how many things people give away for free too; so you may even be able to freshen up your decor without spending a penny.  Let’s keep our unwanted items from reaching the landfill for as long as possible – reduce, re-use, recycle!  One person’s trash is another one’s treasure.


Salt dough decorations

If you want to DIY completely from scratch, then use salt dough and cookie cutters to make your own decorations to paint. Salt dough is so cheap and easy – you’ll have the ingredients in your pantry cupboard already and there’s very little prep time needed. They make brilliant gifts from the kids too – have a look at my easy 3 ingredient salt dough post to get started.



Don’t be afraid to revamp old decorations that could do with a new lease of life. A bit of imagination and a can of spray paint can completely transform anything tired and it’s a much cheaper way of introducing a new colour theme if you want something new this year. Have a go, it’s great fun and you’ve got nothing to lose by trying!


Light it up

Fairy lights and candles can be picked up for next to nothing, but they create such a warm, festive atmosphere. Lights can usually be found for a few pounds in the supermarkets, bargain shops or on Amazon, and they’ll look great year after year. Buy LED for cheaper running costs, a longer life span and to be more environmentally friendly.


Make a paper chain

Download and print my colour-in paper chain to keep the kids busy and make the whole house feel festive. It’ll only cost you a few bits of paper and paper chains look so effective – print as many times as you like and watch it grow longer and longer!



Why not create a nature based wreath, fireplace garland or centrepiece from bits and bobs you can forage from the woods? Free, beautiful and eco-friendly – win, win, win! Pine cones, leaves and foliage look brilliant as they are or spray painted. For more ideas and inspiration read my post on how to make your own wreath, or check out my pine cone centrepiece ideas.


Shop the sales

If your decorations have seen better days, and they’re in need of an update, put a little money aside and head out just after Christmas and into the beginning of January.  After Christmas, everything is sold off so cheaply; I particularly love The Range – they have a brilliant selection of Christmas bits which will be discounted by 70% in the new year.

The supermarkets can be a great place to shop too. I popped into Sainsbury’s on boxing day to pick up some last minute bits before heading to family last year, and came out with beautiful 7ft artificial tree for just £12.50. Shopping after the big day is well worth the wait.


Keep it simple

You don’t need to spend a fortune to make the house feel festive, and most of the time less is more – a few sentimental bits that you love can be plenty. Don’t get caught up overspending or worrying too much about appearances. Tis the season to be jolly so make the most of what you have and focus on having fun. For more info, read my post on a minimalistic Christmas. Merry Christmas!


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