Chicken and bacon summer salad recipe

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This is another recipe that you won’t find in a book, but a family favourite we’ve been devouring my whole life. It’s always been nicknamed stir-fry in our house, but since it’s not a traditional stir fry, I’ve renamed it ‘chicken and bacon summer salad’.

This is Finn and Lola’s favourite dinner, and they will happily wolf down veg they wouldn’t usually eat on its own! It’s a great summer dish but we eat it year-round as it’s just so yummy!



⅔ iceburg lettuce

½ cucumber

2 large vine tomatoes

7 radishes

2 chicken breasts

Dash of lemon juice

Pack of smoked bacon

300g pot of potato salad

French stick (or gluten-free rolls)



Apologies if the ingredient amounts are a bit vague – I’ve always made this dinner by eye, but I’ve tried to be as helpful as possible to help you to recreate the magic! Shred the lettuce and dice the cucumber, radishes and tomatoes. Place into a large mixing bowl and mix well. Meanwhile, chop the bacon into small squares and fry on a high heat until starting to crisp.

When the bacon starts to get crispy, dice the chicken into small pieces and add into the pan. Cook on a medium heat until the chicken is cooked through, and add a dash of lemon juice to the pan. When ready, add the meat to the bowl of salad, along with the pot of potato salad, and mix it all well. Serve with slices of french stick slathered in butter and enjoy! 😛


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