How to keep your home tidy with cheap, simple storage ideas!

It’s so easy to get bogged down with constant cleaning when you have children – the minute you clean up they have destroyed something else! I love a clean and tidy house, and can’t think straight when the house is upside down!

I’ve implemented a few cheap and simple storage solutions in our house and they’ve really helped. Everything was purchased cheaply from places like Ikea, Home Bargains or Amazon and very little cost…

Sink Areas

We keep our sink areas tidy by using small storage baskets – not only does it look much neater, but you can also just lift up the basket, rather than lots of small items, when you’re cleaning. This one is a great time saver, and stops toothpaste and soap from being dripped all over the worktops! I have the same basket in the kitchen too for washing up liquid, anti-bacterial spray and kitchen roll; keeping everything together and tidy on the windowsill.





When the kids were small, they had large toy boxes and it drove us mad as they would completely empty them to find something tiny they needed at the bottom! (And, bits from different sets were constantly getting muddled up or lost too.) So, we got the kids a Kallax storage unit each from Ikea and labelled the boxes with sharpie – it has made toy tidying so much easier! The kids know which box is which and they put it all away in the right places, which saves so much time!


We also have one of these Kallax units for craft supplies, welly-boots and place mats; they are so handy for keeping everything organised and hidden away.


Front Door Box

The best thing to do to stop hats, scarves and all the other kid junk from taking over the porch is to put a box or basket near the front door. This also stops them stomping through the house, to get what they need, with their dirty shoes on. With no hallway, and just a small porch, this box is something we cannot live without in our house!


Pantry Drawer

This organised chaos is my pantry drawer! I use plastic tubs to keep everything fresh and stop spillages. And, by labelling the lids, everything is easy to find. These tubs are from Ikea and were super cheap; they’re so handy. I prefer a drawer to a cupboard for my baking bits, as it’s so much easier to find the ingredients quickly.



We use boxes on the shelves in our wardrobe to make it quick to put washing away and make sure everything is in the right place and easy to find. These were about 2 quid each from Home Bargains a few years back and they make life so much easier!


Under the Bed

Both kiddies have a ton of puzzles and games so we use the long, thin under the bed boxes to keep them organised. These are great as they can just pull out the box they need and find things easily. Finn also uses one as an enormous lego box and just slides it in and out when he needs it. These are a great way to make the most of the space under the bed.


Shower and Bath

We have one of these soap dispensers in our shower and it’s fab! I decant into the dispenser so we have no bottles cluttering our shower – tidy and easy to clean. Another plus is that the kids can shower independently as it’s much easier to push a button to get what they need, and it stops them using too much or squeezing shampoo everywhere. These are usually around £20-£30 on Amazon and a great investment to keep the bathroom spick and span, and to stop toiletry wastage.



Have a drawer, file or box that you can put paperwork into until you can find a time to file it. We have a wooden box, that’s usually overflowing, but it keeps everything in one place and stops the surfaces from becoming cluttered too. Make sure you have a ‘paperwork place’, whatever it may be, to stop it from cluttering up your worktops or getting lost.

If you want to declutter your home, get started with my four step guide!


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