10 cheap and easy Christmas craft ideas for kids

The most wonderful time of the year has arrived, and it’s the perfect excuse to get your craft on with the kids – keeping them busy throughout December! Here are 10 cheap and easy festive craft ideas you can do at home with the little ones…

Paint your own Christmas decorations

Personalise the tree by painting your own baubles and tree decorations; it’s such great fun and the perfect way to keep the kiddies busy on a wintery day. My two have made decorations every year since they were old enough to hold a paintbrush, and I love all of the different homemade decorations we have on our tree.

They also make them as gifts for the grandparents, and they’re always well received. Hobbycraft and The Range sell all sorts of wonderful paint-your-own decorations starting from a quid!


So much of the wrapping paper we put into the recycling after Christmas isn’t actually recyclable, so parcel paper is a great way to wrap in a more eco-friendly way. It comes in large rolls, it’s inexpensive and it’s a great way to entertain the kids.

Finn and Lola decorate the brown with Christmas stamps, or paint or draw Christmas pictures – making our gifts even more special.


Make Christmas cards

We actually stopped sending out hoards of Christmas cards a few years ago, to try and create less waste at the most wasteful time of the year. Instead the kids just make cards for immediate family, and nothing beats a handmade card from a little person! It’s great fun too!


Make salt dough decorations

If you want to DIY completely from scratch, then use salt dough and cookie cutters to make your own decorations to paint. Salt dough is so cheap and easy – you’ll have the ingredients in your pantry cupboard already and there’s very little prep time needed. They make brilliant gifts from the kids too – have a look at my easy 3 ingredient salt dough post to get started.


Make a table centrepiece

Pine cones and twinkle lights are a cheap and simple centrepiece, but you can make it even more special by getting the kids involved. Lola made this beauty last year – painting a cardboard house we picked up in a craft shop for a few quid. There are loads of cardboard Christmas themed bits at places like Hobbycraft or The Range, or raid the recycling bin and make your own.


Decorate your windows

If you’ve got some paper and a pair of scissors you can easily transform your windows – snowflakes are such a cheap and easy way to make your home feel festive! There are loads of tutorials online – some for simple designs, and others more elaborate to give a good challenge to older kids. Just grab some paper and get snipping!


Download and print my colour-in Christmas paper chain or Christmas bunting to keep the kids busy and make the whole house feel festive. It’ll only cost you a few bits of paper but they look so effective – print as many times as you like and watch them grow longer and longer!


Make your own gift tags

Gift tags are such a simple thing to make, and it’s a lovely activity to occupy the kids on a rainy winter day when Christmas is over. Here’s what you need…

  • Last year’s Christmas cards
  • A small hole punch
  • Ribbon or twine
  • Scissors

Every year after Christmas I re-use all of the Christmas cards we’ve received to make gift tags for the following year. It’s a fab way to give the cards a second lease of life before they end up in the recycling bin – great for the environment and your bank balance! Just cut out characters, words or shapes from the old cards, punch a hole in the top left-hand corner and attach your ribbon.


Decorate a wreath

Why not create a cheap wreath from bits and bobs you can forage from the woods? Free, beautiful and eco-friendly – win, win, win! Pine cones, leaves and foliage look brilliant as they are or spray painted. You could use Christmas tree decorations you already have to decorate your wreath too – repaint old ones to give them a new lease of life. For more wreath ideas and inspiration read my post on how to make your own Christmas wreath.


Write to a letter to Santa

The Santa letters are of utmost importance in our house! It’s a good way to keep the kids busy on a wet wintery afternoon too. My two will write their letter and decorate it, and the envelope, making sure it’s looking extra special before it heads to the North Pole! Take a look at my free, printable templates to get started…

Make sure you check out my Christmas baking ideas – for lots more festive fun at home! 


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