The ‘bring your own bottle’ restaurant directory!

I recently discovered that there is a directory online which tells you which restaurants allow you to bring your own wine to enjoy with your meal. This means you’ll no longer need to pay over the odds to enjoy a glass of your favourite tipple when eating out.

Some restaurants do charge a corkage fee, but this seems in most cases to be only around £2! And, there are tons of restaurants that charge nothing at all. To find out which restaurants near you allow you to bring your own bottle, click here to visit the BYO Directory.

I’m not sure how often the website is updated so if you fancy eating elsewhere, it might be worth checking in other restaurants too before you book – it can’t hurt to ask! Plus, do verify the listings on there as well just to be sure that the BYOB rule is still current.

You’re unlikely to see a chain restaurant listed there, they seem to be independent restaurants, so you even discover a new place you’ve never tried before!

Date night sorted! 😄


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