10 beauty tips to help you save money and reduce waste!

Beauty products and treatments can be so expensive, so it helps to cut corners and save where possible. Here are 10 simple ways to save money on your beauty regime…

1. Heat up your mascara

There’s nothing more annoying than a tube of dried out mascara – especially when you know that there’s wasted product inside. A friend gave me this tip, and it has halved how often I replace my mascara – yay! Simply hold your mascara tube under the hot tap or a hairdryer for just a few seconds; it will heat the tube and soften the mascara. It works a treat!


2. Chill your nail polish

In reverse, nail polish does better in cool temperatures and it can last a lot longer in the fridge! Refrigerating nail polish helps to prevent clumping and slows down the discolouration which naturally happens over time.


3. Touch up your roots

If you colour your hair you might find yourself spending a fortune on trips to the salon or home colouring treatments. To lessen how often you colour your hair, try a root touch-up kit or cover-up spray to hide your roots (and the greys!) and extend the time between expensive hair appointments.


4. Recycle old packaging

Some companies will reward you for returning old product casings to be recycled. Win, win for your wallet and the environment!

MAC is one of these, so if you’re a MAC fan then this is definitely worth doing. The Back to MAC recycling program has been around for some time now – they ask customers to take six old product casings into any store to receive a MAC lipstick of their choice.

Similarly, Lush’s 5 Pot Program will score you a free face mask when you bring back five empty pots to be recycled and reused.


5. Ask for samples

It may not be widely advertised, but a lot of companies will happily send out samples upon request.

Due to sensitive skin I stick natural make-up brands, buying most of my make-up from Natorigin, but it isn’t cheap and it can only be bought online. They’ll send me colour samples for foundation and eye make-up so that I can make an informed choice without wasting money on the wrong colours.

Similarly, another company were happy to send me mini samples of their entire skincare range, when I emailed them to explain that I often have a reaction to new products. It’s always worth asking, that way if a product isn’t great or it upsets your skin, you haven’t lost anything by trying it.


6. Compare prices online

There are so many online pharmacies and stores, so don’t forget to check on the web before you hit the high-street. My favourite make-up brand is made in France and so often it actually works out cheaper for me to purchase it from a French online pharmacy, and get it shipped over, than to buy it directly from the UK.


7. Think multi-purpose

Purchasing fewer products means less cost, less waste and less storage. For instance, blusher can be used as eyeshadow or to colour lips. Or, eyeshadow with a liner brush makes a great eyeliner without a harsh line.

Looking beyond make-up, hair conditioner also makes a great shaving cream! Instead of purchasing shaving foam, slather some conditioner onto your legs and they will be super smooth and shave beautifully – you’ll probably be able to skip moisturiser too!


8. Check the gift isle

If you have a favourite brand, then consider purchasing what you need in a gift set. Gift sets are so often reduced, particularly after Christmas – the Boots 70% off sale could save you a fortune! So stock up when things are cheap, and remember check the gift isle when you need new cosmetics or perfume.


9. Cut the tube

Even when the product stops coming out, there may still be a decent amount stuck at the bottom of the container. Get out the scissors and cut the bottom of it to get every last drop! Don’t bin it until you’ve used it all.


10. Don’t fall for brands

So often the ingredients doing the hard work are natural products or essential oils. For instance, tea tree oil is amazing for blemishes, and it’s in a lot of skin care products. The Body Shop sell 10ml of tea tree oil for £8.50 but a 10ml bottle of tea tree oil from Amazon is just £2.77 – that’s a massive price difference!

Similarly, Aldi have a face wash range which has near identical ingredients to branded Simple products. Do your research, and check the ingredients before you buy.


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