Beach, BBQs, BLISS!

Bank Holiday Weekend, August 2019

Dear Frugal Mums,

We had the loveliest weekend, just the four of us, finally getting the chill time we needed. After a busy few weeks, we are taking it a bit easier now before school starts again. This weekend the weather has been scorching – we are so lucky that the sun finally came back! We haven’t spent a single penny either, which is so much easier when the weather is nice.

We had two days of BBQs at home and some time relaxing in the garden, as well as hours of beach fun – we are really lucky to live a two minute walk from the sea front! Nothing beats a beach day in the summer. We are up there most days but the kids never get bored or stop asking to go! The beach clearly has magical powers!!

We dug some cool trenches and waited for them to fill with water as the tide came in, the boys played football and Lola and I played rounders. We collected shells, made sandcastles and they swam in the water for aaaaaages; Jay and I were less brave and didn’t make it past the knee! It was exactly what we all needed. I hope you’ve had a great weekend too!

Nat x

Beach, BBQs, BLISS!


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