A Corona Christmas!

Thursday 31st December 2020

Dear Frugal Friends,

Well this year wouldn’t be a complete disaster without a cancelled Christmas, with just a few days notice, to finish it off! To be honest, I think deep down we knew another lockdown was headed our way and thinking anything different was just wishful thinking.

We were sad to miss panto, as we always go at Christmas, so we were absolutely thrilled when The Marlowe Theatre offered a free streaming of their pantomime! 💗 It really cheered us all up and made it feel a bit more like Christmas!

Christmas Eve is usually a quiet one for us anyway. We did our usual traditions of watching a festive film, making mince pies, prepping a plate for Santa and sprinkling reindeer food on the lawn.

I always prep the spuds and veg on Christmas Eve so we can enjoy our Christmas lunch the next day without much effort or fuss. This year Lola peeled the potatoes for me which was lovely – it saved me some time and it was nice to have a kitchen buddy. That’s one thing I’m really enjoying about the kids as they get older; we’re forming friendships and they are lovely little companions. 😊

The Christmas period has been a quiet one but not all bad. The kids enjoyed their presents and we had lots of time at home for them to check out their new things, cook, go for walks and play some board games together. I do think it’s easier to focus on them and spend quality time together when it’s just the four of us.

Merry Christmas from us all! I hope you had a good time, even if things were a little different this year. 😘

Nat x


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