13 free days out: Frugal family fun for weekend and school holiday entertainment!

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Entertaining the children at the weekends and during the school holidays can be so expensive so, to keep costs down, try to have freebie days when you can. Thankfully, there are lots of free, fun days out to be had, and lots of places run activities too. You don’t need to spend money to enjoy quality time with the kids.

Here are 13 fun freebie days out with the kids…

Head to the shops

Lots of shops run activities for the kids during the holidays. Pets at Home offer free animal workshops, Lego offer free build sessions, Hobbycraft run art workshops and Dobbies run free gardening sessions. So, sign up to whatever’s available and make the most of those freebies!


Children’s centre activities

In my local area, I constantly see free activities run by local children’s centres or environment centres popping up on social media. So many places run activities to entertain the little ones during the holidays, so have a quick search online to see what’s available to you. Meet your friends there, and it’ll be a great freebie day out for you all. Live in Kent? Check out the White Cliffs Countryside Partnership for lots of free activities and days out.


Have a beach day

The beach is one of my favourite places and, even though we’re there most days walking the dog, the kids just can’t get enough of it. They don’t care if the water is cold, they’ll build sandcastles for hours and collect more pebbles then they can carry home! We always come back filthy and windswept but it’s such a great way to spend an afternoon. We love sports too, so beach rounders, frisbee and football are always good fun!


Go geocaching

You can easily find a geocaching trail nearby, with just a few clicks on your phone. It makes a long walk a little more purposeful, and kids enjoy it because it feels much like a treasure hunt. Pick a route to follow, pack up a picnic and enjoy an afternoon exploring.


Visit a free farm

Lots of farms offer free entry, so you can have a day with the animals without spending a penny. A quick google in your local area will reveal which ones are free, so pack a picnic, put your wellies on and make some furry friends!


Visit a free lido or paddling pool

There are actually quite a number of free outdoor pools and paddling pools around – a quick internet search will help you to discover what’s in your area! If the good old British weather is being kind, pop your swimsuits on and head to your nearest one for a freebie dip!


Go for a bike ride

Bike riding is such good fun, and also a great way to get fresh air and exercise. As soon as the sun’s out, we are out on our bikes – Finn and Lola adore cycling, and we do too! It’s a great way to blow the cobwebs away. Cycle along the beach, explore the countryside or even just have a quick spin around the block!


Head to the woods

A trip to the woods is always a hit with the kids, whatever the time of year – so pop your wellies on, get grubby and do some exploring.

Here are 8 fun activities to do with your children at the woods:

  • Look for fairies: My two used to love looking for mushrooms (as that’s where they shelter in the rain) and trees with fairy doors!
  • Go on a plant hunt: Looking at the different plants and trees at the woods can be really interesting; you could do some tree rubbings and collect the leaves for craft too.
  • Hunt for bugs and animals: We often see kestrels gliding above the woods – there are so many birds and animals to discover. And, if your little one likes creepy crawlies like my daughter does, why not go on a mini-beast hunt?
  • Make a den: Building a den is always great fun – and there’s usually some half-built ones to discover which the kids can add to!

  • Forage: We really enjoy foraging for conkers or chestnuts, or collecting pine cones and bits and bobs for Christmas decorations and art. It keeps the kids occupied, and gives you a free activity to do when you get home too!
  • Climb a tree: Climbing trees is one of Finn and Lola’s favourite things to do; and so much easier now they’re big enough to get themselves back down again! 😂
  • Play hide and seek: Hide and seek is always a winner with my kids, no matter how old they get! The woods are perfect for it and it makes a winter walk a bit more fun.
  • Find a rope swing: Finn and Lola are always delighted to find a rope swing when we’re out exploring! So much fun!


Explore a country park

There are country parks dotted all over – each offering a new adventure. Whether it be woodland walks, lakes, stream dipping, play parks or all of the above, a country park is always a winner for a family day out. Many have trails too, to keep the kids entertained, or themed activities dependent on the time of year, so be sure to check out what’s on offer before you visit.


Visit a museum

So many museums are completely free to visit – and they often run workshops and activities at weekends and during school holidays. A quick search online will let you know which events are on offer, so why not take the kiddies for an educational trip? If you fancy a day in London – take a look at my free museum guide.


Find a new play park

Most kids love a trip to the park, but visiting the same old places can get a little dull. To mix things up, I ask my mummy friends to recommend new parks, or search online to see what’s about. There are loads of brilliant free parks about, so pack up a picnic and try somewhere new!


Head to the capital

Cities usually have tons on offer to keep us all entertained – and if you’re local to London you won’t be disappointed! There are loads of free places to visit, and it’s not just museums on offer. There are brilliant parks, free lidos and you can even visit the zoo without spending a penny too! Check out my post on 10 free days out in London for more info.


Go for a hike

Put a decent pair of trainers on and get those legs moving. Find a trail or large hill, pack some drinks and snacks and have a good hike. My two love exploring somewhere new, so see what’s available in your local area and get walking.


For more frugal school holiday fun, check out my post on how to have fun on a budget during the school holidays.




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